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A Small Mistake, How Could Have Resulted with Disaster?

Would your radiator boil at 6000-7000 RPM at 150-120 Deg C?


Our Race Truck slowed to a complete stop during stage 1 of the race this weekend, we jumped out of the truck, to see if the fuel pumps were running. We needed to disconnect the Radiator Fans to be able to hear each pump individuals (Fanswere too noisy). We disconnected the fans, switched on the ignition and listened to each pump to confirm they were indeed running.


After determining the fuel pumps were ok but the filter was indeed blocked, we jumped back into the truck (SPENT THE NEXT 10 Minutes getting all our safety gear back on, and belts tightened) and ran the rest of the stage, at various throttlepositions based on how much fuel could be sucked through the fuel filter (Bumps seemed to dislodge the blockage and we got full throttle for a few mins at a time) I noticed however that the truck engine was running MUCH HOTTER in the slow boggy sections, and the temp rose to a record high of 115 DEG C.


I then realised that we had indeed left the Cooling Fans UNPLUGGED - What a stupid mistake. To get out of the truck again, plug in the fans, then get back in the truck, connect all the seat belts, blower, intercom, window net (Takes quite some time) would be a pain in the backside, but it looks like we needed to stop AGAIN!.Then I REMEMBERED, we are running Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Australasia, for the first time. Evans Coolant has a boiling point of around 180 Deg C and sitting at 115 was NOT A PROBLEM.


We initially wanted to use Evans Waterless Coolants to reduce the risk of being burnt be hot scalding coolant that exists when we run a radiator so close to the driver and navigator, but what a great advantage we soon realised we had. I decided to see what would happen is we just kept driving, ignoring the fact we had no fans at all. The temp fluctuated between 113 and 118 Deg C, but we were 100% confident that the engine was fully protected, and was perfectly safe to be operated at full load and full revs (When we got enough fuel...) Special thanks to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Australasia - you guys make a great product.


Imagine getting a plastic bag stuck across your radiator? Or a heap pf mud blockingyour radiator cores, and the temp goes up and up and up, typically you have to stop or the radiator will BLOW it's top (One of the two is going to happen...) , but with Evans, you could drive with confidence to finish your race.


Just what the race driver needs?? Thanks again Evans - wonderful products

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